Last July 8th we opened the new office of VORTAL Connecting Business in Madrid.

VORTAL has experienced great growth in Spain in recent years, and as a result, our team is also growing so we have opened a new office, where we have many facilities and much more space for our current team and new members who join the large VORTAL family.

During the last few years, since the approval of the new law on public sector contracts, which compels Spanish Public Administrations to use electronic means in their relations with economic operators, VORTAL has experienced a great growth which has consolidated it as the leading electronic public tender platform in the market, especially in local administrations, public health and municipal public companies.

More and more Public Administrations are requesting the services of our platform. During the last two years, a large number of public entities in Spain have contracted the services of our platform to carry out their electronic bidding processes.

With a customer base that exceeds 200 members at all levels of the administration AGE, CCAA and local entities, and with more than 2,000 electronic tenders processed per month in our system, VORTAL is now consolidated as the best solution for electronic tendering, complementing the system with other additional services of value, which have allowed our customers to manage their projects of transition to electronic contracting effectively and efficiently, examples of this are the Principality of Asturias, the EMT of Madrid, the city council of Gijon, the council of Ourense and the port of Barcelona.

Based on the great growth we have experienced, we can say that VORTAL is considered one of the leading electronic procurement platforms at the national level. We have the confidence of more customers in Spain and worldwide, with more than 300,000 customers worldwide.

Our clients, who are growing in numbers everyday, are satisfied with our platform, as they have all the time the support of our team, which provides them with the necessary training and helps them to understand and use our platform.

We expect a great growth, especially in Spain, over the next few years, as more and more success stories endorse us and the administrations that add to the use of our platform for their electronic tenders.