Reports and Whitepapers

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Public Electronic Tendering
The advantages of “Electronic Tendering” are contained in the chapters of this document. It is not unusual that there is a European mandate to further its implementation, with dates included. Download >

Building Supplier Involvement in Public Procurement
The key message in this white paper is that both buyers and suppliers must be considered equally when looking at public procurement processes and technology. Download >

How to set up ePublic Procurement
Find out why eSourcing is one of the government’s major alternative strategies. Download >

Implementing the e-Procurement Mandate
Learn more about the challenges of the new EU procurement regulations and how you can make the most important decisions. Download >

Public Tendering in the European Union
Learn why public procurement in the EU accounts for more than 16% of GDP. Download >

Procurement Business Intelligence. Case study: Portugal
Discover how e-tendering and procurement business intelligence can reduce public expenditure. Download >

Dynamic Purchasing Systems
Learn more about dynamic purchasing system, how it is created and managed and what are its benefits. Download >