Terms of Use

Customer obligations toward VORTAL:

a) Transmitting exactly and correctly the information requested at the time of adhesion to the service or PLATFORM as well as in any interaction or contact with VORTAL. Any omissions or inaccuracies in information provided by the CUSTOMER and USERS shall be the CUSTOMERS and USERS exclusive responsibility;
b) Comply and enforce compliance of its representatives and USERS with the instructions, technical procedures or limitations communicated by VORTAL when using the PLATFORM within the scope of the agreed or subscribed services;
c) Maintaining an accurate and updated list of the CUSTOMERS representatives and USERS with the necessary redundancy to preserve autonomy in the management of users and authorizations and updating information on the company and their respective USERs that use the PLATFORM, and acting promptly to block access and request certificate revocation when applicable and in case of termination of the relationships between the CUSTOMER and any of its representatives or PLATFORM USERS;
d) Not sending or transmitting any illegal, defamatory or deceptive information via the PLATFORM;
e) Using the services and information contained in the PLATFORM with compliance with the General Conditions of Access (and others particularly applicable or agreed terms) with respect for the law, particularly personal rights and intellectual property rights, as the principles of public order, good customs and good business practices as well as other applicable laws;
f) Avoiding the use of any technology that allows access or attempted access via the PLATFORM to channels, sectors, communications or documents that are encrypted or protected by user name and passwords, digital certificates or other secret codes;
g) Not jeopardizing network security, namely through submission or transmission of viruses, worms or other bugs via the PLATFORM or other techniques that could harm the PLATFORM’s performance;
h) Perform a good use of the PLATFORM, namely do not activate the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in the internet browser (especially during the transactional actions) recognizing that the platform has mechanisms (buttons) designed for that purpose as well as to not simultaneously access through different browsers with the same USER in the same account and to not simultaneously edit the same object on the PLATFORM with two different USERS;
i) Do not upload files which extensions are non-supported that are listed on the extensions black list, published in the upload window of the platform and that are here informed as an example: bat, reg, vbs, com, dll, exe, swf, ascx, asmx, asp, aspx, eml, htc, htm, html, ini, js, pif, wsdl, wsml;
j) Not disclose the contents, conditions, technical procedures or documentation delivered by VORTAL that may be directly or indirectly related with services;
k) Not reproducing any viewed or accessed information in any form without authorization and instructions or expressed reference to the PLATFORM or commercializing it in any form whatever;
l) Maintain the confidentiality and non-transmissibility of the individual name, user name and password, private digital certificate keys, or other secret codes and ensuring that these are not communicated, copied or divulged, no matter the means employed;
m) Communicate, within a maximum delay of 24 hours, any anomaly or illegality of which the CUSTOMER is aware, or the loss, dissemination or other violation of a user name, password, private key, any other secret code or any data under a non-disclosure obligation;
n) Providing free of any charge and according to legal and other applicable regulations, the content of ads (banners, buttons, etc.), trademarks, logos or other highlights to publish in the PLATFORM, which are the CUSTOMERS sole responsibility, granting for VORTAL the right to immediately remove such content from its PLATFORM, namely as a result of judicial decision, an equivalent decision made by a competent body or autonomously if any violation of the present conditions should be detected;
o) Anticipate actions in the PLATFORM, especially those that have to occur within a determined period, as a preventive action to avoid jeopardizing the applicable deadlines, considering per example that the average time for service activation and issuance of authentication certificates is two business days;
p) Consider the PLATFORMS consulted information as the preferred means because automated e-mailing is subject to various factors that can affect its arrival at the destination (full mailbox, anti-virus blocking, specifically spam-blocking programs, considered junk-mail, etc.);
q) To acknowledge that emails sent automatically are subject to diverse factors that can influence their delivery to the recipient, and that if you do not receive the automatic user activation and order confirmation emails from the Online Shop within a maximum period of 24 hours you must contact VORTAL;
r) To acknowledge that sending automatic emails alerts of notifications in the PLATFORM is a redundant functionality as they are only sent to one email address whose correct definition and updating is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER with the responsible USER that has access to the PLATFORM on the company profile to carry out the update, if necessary;
s) To acknowledge that any timer displayed on the PLATFORM (decreasing timer, timeline) is purely indicative, and the USER must validate in the procedural details, process, contest or other the correspondent date, and the USER also has the option to consult the time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time);
t) To acknowledge that all the dates displayed on the PLATFORM are in accordance with the timezone defined by the USER, and that the USER always has the option to consult the time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time);
u) To acknowledge that the CUSTOMER and USER are responsible for the information that is publish about the company in the Business Directory, and that it shall not be published content information that is misleading, slanderous, racist, sexual, political, moral or ethical content;
v) To acknowledge that the acceptance of the General Conditions of Access implies the acceptance of your company data being published in the Business Directory for per example the inclusion of your company in the existing ranking system, information about the date of the last tender award and the submission date of the last bid, among others;
w) Recognizing and accepting the implementation by VORTAL of the controls that are identified as necessary, in result of analysis done under the management systems of information security and business continuity (namely risk analyses, usage profiles, complaint management, incident management and respective impacts) to help PLATAFORM USERS to guarantee the compliance of some of the provisions established in the legislation on their actions on the PLATFORM;
x) To acknowledge that VORTAL’s ranking system does not qualify, distinguish or benefit companies but only defines the information and qualification criteria defining ratios and weightings for companies which the PLATFORM “scores”;
y) To acknowledge that an online support tool for using the platform is available which may clarify any questions as to its use;
z) To acknowledge that after purchasing any of the services from the Online Shop, unless otherwise agreed, the corresponding services will only remain active after payment or a direct debit agreement (if applicable);
aa) To acknowledge that you are responsible for the veracity of the information transmitted during the registration;
bb) To acknowledge that the USERS and CUSTOMERS are responsible, where applicable, for the creation/acceptance/update of access requests and for the respective access and profile management, whether permanent or temporary, of all users with access to your company/Business directory, and shall to this end, carry out all the necessary due diligence to identify users correctly;
cc) That must ensure that the work session has been fully closed when logged out of the PLATFORM, and that must be confirmed that has been performed successfully in terms of different applications;
dd) You acknowledge that you are responsible for accepting any revised terms which will be communicated by VORTAL through various communications methods (platform and/or email and/or newsletter) and these will also be permanently available through the footer link of the PLATFORM and/or on the site www.vortal.biz;
ee) You must acquire the necessary platform access applications, whilst acknowledging that the contracted internet speed and/or available bandwidth at the moment of the action, may be influencing factors in the PLATFORM’s performance, since diverse local factors interact with the PLATFORM such as computer, the user’s local network, bandwidth, and for which VORTAL has no responsibility, and consequently, no means of monitoring them, as well as the combination of operating systems, browsers and other components in accordance with the published and updated list on the site http://en.vortal.biz/community/vortal-faqs;
ff) Recognize that the acceptance of the General Conditions of Access implies the acceptance of the use of cookies, that allows the maintenance of session persistence and other auxiliaries that increase PLATFORM usability;
gg) You expressly acknowledge and accept that VORTAL may use the provided contacts in the scope of providing services for client support and for commercial purposes and presentation of products and services related with the subscribed services, in the case the CUSTOMER does not want VORTAL to use this information for the purposes named above, he should send an e-mail to info@vortal.biz, in which he expressly indicates is non-consent for the reception of information for client support and commercial purposes, and may do this through the marketing and communication platforms used by VORTAL through the “Remove Subscription” functionality or similar.