Create synergies by integrating with Connect and communicating between multiple systems.

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Connect is our integration solution, that allows full communication between multiple systems and various standards. It is versatile and flexible, designed to be compatible with a wide range of international frameworks, including PEPPOL. With Connect, VORTAL’s system will be seamlessly adapted to your business, including your ERP and financial management systems.

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Increase your return on investment

With Connect, you will improve your independence with information management, benefiting from the best integration with your ERP and positively impacting ROI.

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Improve productivity

Get ready to positively impact your business and increase productivity, reducing effort in repetitive tasks and avoiding human error.

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Ensure that the right messages are communicated in the right way

We map our system to yours, ensuring all business requirements are satisfied. Tailored alert systems are set-up to inform all key stakeholders on important information, with accurate and quick records.

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Integrate with Connect and Start Operating Better.

Connect maps your organization, allowing for processes to get centralized and increasing productivity of the business.

Simpler processes’ integration

Create a single management flow for multiple transactions, managing all processes centrally.

Harmonized data

Eliminate human errors, gain increased visibility in processes and control information and integrity.

Accelerated the supplying process

Manage requisitions, purchase orders and contract completion centrally, reducing human effort in repetitive tasks and thus admin time and costs.

Communication with no restrictions

Connect integrates with various geographies/legislations and has strong and high availability, with constant technical and functional evolution.

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