Jorge Macara has been appointed CEO of VORTAL, now embracing the company’s expansion mission that has already been underway, namely through the M&A strategy that led to the acquisition of three companies in Portugal and Spain over the last two years.

Jorge Macara was part of the company’s Board as Vice-President. The change comes after Miguel Sobral became CEO of the Byggfakta group for continental Europe, an international group that acquired VORTAL in 2020.

Jorge Macara underlines that VORTAL’s growth indicators have accelerated in recent years. “My role as CEO aims to sustain continued growth, prioritize innovation and the constant improvement of our solutions, which provide the necessary transformation and more business opportunities for our customers,” he adds. In addition to organic growth, the M&A strategy represents an opportunity for consolidation and international growth.

In the words of the previous CEO, Miguel Sobral, “Jorge Macara is the right person to guide VORTAL and its growth, due to his solid knowledge and experience in the company.