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VORTALgov is an electronic platform where public entities make business and manage their purchase and selling processes, completely dematerializing the contracting cycle.

It was designed for easy adoption and tailored implementation, digitalizing the entire purchasing process and assuring full compliance with the EU Procurement legislation. Cover all steps in the acquisition process and find an extensive community of suppliers, ready to submit their offers at competitive conditions.

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Ensure full compliance with EU legislation

Our suite of Public eProcurement Solutions allows public bodies to ensure full compliance with the procurement legislation, with full dematerialization during the selection and awarding procedure. We adapt to each geography and type of entity.

Count on leading-edge technology

Our platform vortalvision was developed in 2020 and focused on the best usability standards. It is completely integrated with innovative eProcurement solutions, namely supplier qualification and evaluation modules and eCatalogues to enable the management of Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Framework Agreements.

Manage your suppliers with the right support

We support our customers with Supplier Onboarding, guaranteeing that they have immediate access to the platform and support when preparing and submitting their proposals.

Trust that we will find the right suppliers for you

For the categories of spend and geographies where additional suppliers are required, take advantage of Supplier Scouting services. These combine the services of Discovery, Categorization, Registration and Training of new companies, so that they are ready to submit the most competitive proposals when required.

Develop your market

As a result, tenders are accessed by more companies, guaranteeing the address of every need in the market by the most suitable providers available.

We will adapt to your every need

From National Governments, to Central Purchasing Bodies and Small Government Agencies, our solutions adapt to all kinds of entities. Our platform is highly customizable but ready-to-use at the same time. 90% of the customized requirements and workflows can be implemented by parametrization, with no custom software development required.

Find the right partner

We are your partners, not just a provider. We understand your needs and adapt to them. Our modular solution allows us to develop end-to-end processes, where each entity can access a rich community of supplying companies, increase transparency, reduce costs, and boost the economy.

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A complete Suite of Solutions for the Public Sector.

Our modular and scalable suite of solutions allows us to adapt to every entity, no matter the size.
We have extensive experience in bringing Public Sector Entities into the eProcurement world, without needing new coding and prioritizing customization to their needs.

National Governments

SaaS is our preferred model, but we also undertake on-premises projects. Currently, we are the chosen partner of three countries, with three nation-wide contracts.

Central Purchasing Bodies

With specific needs such as demand aggregation, ERP integrations, contract execution control, and feedback from related entities.

Small Government Agencies

Local government entities and municipalities that serve less than 10,000 inhabitants.

VORTALgov Quotes 01
“…the City Council was immediately able to access a wide network of local and international suppliers…”

Fernando Álvarez
Head of the Planning and Modernization Service, Gijón City Council, Spain

VORTALgov Quotes 02
“For us the great thing is that schools are able to use the entire platform regardless of the procedure they have to do.”

Luís Farrajota
Member of the Board, IGeFE (Institute for Education Financial Management), Portugal

VORTALgov Quotes 03
“The University is the only administration in Europe that uses these tools to improve efficiency in public spending.”

Israel Rodríguez García
eProcurement Manager, Contracting, Assets and Common Services, University of Almería, Spain

VORTALgov Quotes 04
“The Municipality has given concrete expression to its objectives of increasing transparency and promoting competitiveness among SMEs.”

Isaac García
Ofintegral, Supplier to Gijón City Counci

VORTALgov Quotes 05
“Tenderers save money by not having to submit their offers on paper and avoiding the transport of these proposals."

Maria Margarida Zuleta
General Director, Colombia Compra Eficiente, Colombia

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