Improve the governance of your expenditures, reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

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Leading Your Sourcing Process with a Leading-Edge Solution.

Even if you are great at managing direct costs, sometimes it can be hard to tackle the other costs of doing business – the indirect spend. Analyze every scenario with an optimal sourcing and awarding solution.

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Tackle indirect costs

Efficiently manage the Tactical Sourcing and Indirect Spending (costs not directly incorporated into your product, such as management, IT, office supplies…).

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Achieve significant savings

Access a platform with thousands of suppliers ready to give you the best offer. Take part in an efficient, openly competitive tendering process, achieving savings through purchasing strategies.

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Accelerate your results

Measure the KPIs that matter: analyze usage, compare tenders and proposals, cross-analyze proposals and analyze savings. Experience a significant reduction in the effort and time.

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Negotiate every step of the way

Requirements, quotation, evaluation, awarding and contract management. With our modular solution, we cover the pre-award / eTendering phases and help with solutions in Post-Award/Execution phases.

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Take the best out of our technology

Our innovative technology provides libraries of sophisticated tender templates. It is based on categories of needs, using multi-attribute and multi-level criteria and state-of-the-art features to support collaborative evaluation of proposals, dynamic negotiation, and contract awards.

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Leading innovation in eSourcing and eProcurement.

Simplify your purchasing process with excellence.

Increased competition

Access a community of more than 350k competitive, international suppliers, in several areas of supply.

Visible impacts

Become more efficient in finding and qualifying suppliers, analyzing and comparing proposals, minimizing risks in your supply chain.

Centralized Sourcing

The whole process in just one place, from the specifications to contract management.


We are best in business, with extensive experience and a never-ending capability to adapt.

Efficient purchasing

Become more efficient in finding suppliers, analysing and comparing proposals

Requirements definition

Of product, service, supplier, and evaluation.

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We help you figure everything out.

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A Complete Suite of Solutions.

For every step of the way.


Create dynamic business negotiations to optimize purchasing values.

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Supplier Relationship Management

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Dynamic Purchasing System

The solution that will change your recurring contracts and purchases.

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Spend Management

Aggregate your spend into categories and identify opportunities to optimize it.

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Contracts Management

Monitor contract KPIs and manage contract life-cycles easily, in one single place.

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Invoicing made digital.

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Create efficiency by integrating our platform to your ERP system.

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