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The VORTAL Channel Partners Program.

Every successful business relies on a network of strong partners to keep it growing. Together we are faster, stronger and more resilient. Local partners allow us to discover new opportunities and align to new expectations – together we can create the largest eMarketplace for both the public and private sectors.

The VORTAL Channel Partners Program offers six distinct types of partnership, each with their own unique benefits and advantages. We aim to completely integrate you into our community, providing you with all the tools and resources you need for continued success:

Access to VORTAL’s platforms and supplier networks;
Methods to implement real savings;
Knowledge about public and private procurement;
Increased profits;
Marketing and sales expertise.

Pick Your Partnership.

There’s one to suit everyone.

Do you know a public or private business that could benefit from improvements in their procurement processes? Well if you refer them to us and they sign up to become a VORTAL customer, then we’ll give you a percentage of the revenue.

It’s simple really. Register, submit leads, track their status and start to profit instantly. We are always looking for partners who possess unique public or private sector knowledge – your networks are our next business opportunities.

Do you think your company has the know-how to sell solutions, implement services and train users? If so, you could qualify as a VORTAL Professional Partner. We are looking for companies with wide networking capabilities in the public and private sectors, the necessary sales and training certifications and the ability to achieve real sales goals. In return, you’ll gain access to a suite of best-in-class benefits and resources. And the best bit? eProcurement is a fast-growing market full of opportunities – but you don’t need huge overheads to take part as a partner.
Does your company have the capability to provide a full-service solution to new clients? VORTAL Strategic Partners are expected to offer the entire procurement experience – selling and implementing solutions, training users, managing accounts and providing first line helpdesk support to existing and new clients.
Do you think you can complement the VORTAL offer? We are always looking for software companies that can provide our buyers and suppliers with high quality products and services.
We are always on the lookout for systems integrators, infrastructure providers and software development specialists. As a VORTAL Integration Partner not only will you be involved in tailor-made projects, but you’ll be able to integrate your own solutions with our platforms. In this way you can leverage your current public and private sector clients to gain additional sales revenue. In fact, a typical partner for us might also be a software package provider (ERP, workflows management, CRM) with a leading position in the location which he operates.
We need partners who can strategically source, manage change, re-engineer processes and analyze spend. As a VORTAL Consulting & Knowledge Partner you will use your skills to produce tailor-made, cloud-based solutions that bring enormous value to clients. You will also be able to play a role in the customization, set-up and development of bespoke projects for public and private companies – a welcome change to the usual ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.

At VORTAL, we know the vital role of our partners in creating the largest collaborative eMarketplace for the public and private sectors.
To usher you on board and ensure that all the conditions you need to be successful are in place, we have structured the VORTAL Channel Partners Program, a framework built and designed to ensure a fast integration in the community, to access all the resources you need and to continuous success, together with VORTAL. Download de leaflet here.

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