Following the partnership with WZDP earlier this year, VORTAL´s platform has been chosen to support, in the begging of 2017, the ePublic procedures of City of Vienna.

In order to adapt the company to the new requirements of the European Union and process public procurement on electronic platforms WZDP, the official newspaper of Vienna, search a platform to support businesses in this area. The choice was VORTAL´s platform, that is growing internationally.

In an interview with TeK during an official visit to Lisbon to define some technical details of the new platform, Wolfgang Riedler, CEO of WZDP, explained that the company decided to launch a public tender answered by several German and Austrian companies, but unsurprisingly the winner was the Portuguese company, VORTAL, already known by the quality and flexibility. “Portugal is ahead in this eProcurement area, with 7 or 8 years in advance and VORTAL is a leader in this business,” says the CEO.

Admitting that WZDP may have made an “unexpected choice” in a German market where it is very difficult foreign technology companies made businesses, Wolfgang Riedler is confident in their choice, and the first business developments have proved that. “We need a solution ready to implement but flexible, with creative answers,” explains.

Wolfgang Riedler believes that public entities market will become very dynamic in the near future in Austria, but also in neighboring countries such as Switzerland, where the proximity of the language and the challenges in implementing electronic public strategies may open the way to new contracts similar to the one that has been established.

Partnership with WZDP shows the capacity of the Portuguese technology

Rui Dias Ferreira, VORTAL´s CEO, admits that this business can open new doors in the German market, but also confesses the satisfaction and pride to see the Portuguese technology win in a market traditionally recognized by robustness and reliability qualities. “This is a change in the way we look to Portugal as a country of technology,” said the VORTAL´s CEO.

Rui Dias Ferreira says: the agreement with WZDP is more a project and a partnership than a business. We have several different strategies of expanding our presence in European markets, with direct presence in countries such as Germany and Spain, and in other countries we look for partnerships. Interestingly in Austria we were ‘found’ and invited to the WZDP public tender, that is already having results. ”

VORTAL annual turnover outside Portugal represents more than 50% of the business with buyer entities, but the company wants to still exploring the opportunities that the new European legislation of ePublic procurement opens.