Considered the best business magazine for entrepreneurs in the world, Insight Success has recognized VORTAL as one of the 10 Most Disruptive Companies, in its latest issue.

VORTAL is a worldwide leading company offering eSourcing and eProcurement solutions, with headquarters in Lisbon and thousands of customers in both public and private sectors. Since its foundation, in 2001, VORTAL has always been a highly innovative company, with more than 80 registered trademarks, utility models, assigned and requested patents, and national and worldwide copyrights.

VORTAL is committed to pioneering the future of eSourcing and eProcurement, and the recent investments in the new 400m2 “Vortal Innovation Lab” (VIL) and a new R&D and Innovation Coach will help VORTAL become known as a top innovator in the minds of its customers, partners and employees as well as the general public and job seekers.

The company has been consecutively distinguished as one of the “100 best companies to work for in Portugal” in a survey carried out by Everis and Exame Magazine.

Since the beginning of 2018, VORTAL has been able to deliver 3 innovative projects: Supplier Truster, Remote Signature and Experto. 3 more projects are currently under development in its innovation lab and are expected to be delivered within their 3-months’ incubation period.

With “ESPDint”, one of the innovation projects currently funded by the European Commission, VORTAL, together with its Consortium partners, is leading the definition of guidelines for the self-declaration form used in public procurement procedures by public buyers and businesses within the EU that will make the form interoperable across European procurement platforms. Besides the technical deliverable of the so called “European Single Procurement Document” (ESPD), the small, cross-functional team of engineers, UX, marketing and sales representatives is also exploring a profitable and repeatable business model for a service that would incorporate the ESPD through the application of innovation and entrepreneurship methods and tools, such as and adapted version of the Business Model Canvas, customer discovery, prototyping and fast experimentation. This mixed approach of discovery and delivery will help VORTAL create products and services that both existing and new customers will buy and use.

VORTAL is known for its desire to create a completely innovation-driven, repeatable and scalable ecosystem for turning creative ideas into profitable business models.