Spend Matters, an international procurement specialist, highlights VORTAL’s geographical expansion, consolidation in the public sector, growth in the private sector and the source-to-pay cloud-based platform, integrated with a Marketplace of + 300,000 suppliers.

VORTAL was born almost two decades ago. Since then, the Portuguese company has consolidated itself as an international leader in the market of public and private procurement management technologies, contributing to technological innovation, namely with SMEs, to more transparent procurement processes and to the dynamization of businesses, faster and in a simplified way.

In 2019, VORTAL grew at a double-digit rate one more time. This sustained growth is mainly due to international expansion, which has placed the company in European and Latin American countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

According to the CEO Miguel Sobral, suppliers are attracted to the platform because not only they gain visibility to buyers, but have access to valuable knowledge, like market trends in spend categories across regions, through regional sources and open data.
In the words of SpendMatters, “it is the simplicity of the system that we understand is most attractive, while managing the entire procurement process, saving time on everyday tasks.”

“VORTAL is one of the most well kept secrets in the s2p space. They are more known in the public sector, were they are one of the strongest vendors, but actually its origin is in the private sector and should be included in any S2P evaluation, especially in europe and latin america.” – Magnus Bergfors, Lead Analyst, Spend Matters