VORTAL has announced a significant new collaboration with Spend Matters, the independent global b2b research and intelligence provider, to sponsor the newly launched Public Spend Matters Europe website, designed to promote a better understanding of the new Public Procurement Directives and their implications.

VORTAL is committed to encouraging good practice and knowledge sharing, as our VP Miguel Sobral explains:

“We believe that initiatives such as the Public Spend Matters Europe website represent important channels for widening market knowledge and understanding about procurement improvement and, in particular, about the new EU Public Procurement Directives in particular. Organizations face some extremely tough challenges in the months ahead, as the deadlines to implement eProcurement accelerate. It is imperative that the industry as a whole works together to highlight and understand the issues, provide guidelines for the best methods of adoption, and illustrate successful transitions. By working with the Public Spend Matters Europe team, we believe we can achieve some of these important goals within an online environment that offers enormous potential reach – for procurement professionals, policy makers, academics and suppliers. We envisage that content will cover the full spectrum of Public Procurement activities, making it relevant for every stakeholder, from national regulators, public contracting authorities, central purchasing bodies, and economic operators, to auditing or inspection institutions and providers of the electronic services that will fulfil the technology requirements.”

For more information, please visit http://public.spendmatters.eu/