In the Microsoft stand, and invited by us, Gijon had the opportunity to present its eProcurement results from the 1st semester of 2015. The speaker was Fernando Álvarez, Planning and Modernization Chief of the Municipality.

As Fernando explained to the audience, thanks to the implementation of the public eProcurement it has been possible to bring the government closer to the people and businesses. The experience that they had is that thanks to this technology and openness spirit of the internal teams, they are building a strong and competitive business network. It has been demonstrated also that eProcurement is helping to create employment and richness in the region.

As he said, eProcurement implementation is promoting the innovation and the productivity of the local businesses. Why?

– Because, thanks to the eProcurement, the transparency is possible and real in the tendering processes. The savings are real and their citizens and businesses realize that the public resources are used in the best way possible.

– Because, by opening the tenders to a higher competition, more companies are approaching the public sector. They are receiving offers from not usual suppliers that are making them save money without having any quality impact in the product or services acquired.