Innovative digital company and worldwide leader of pizza delivery & carryout at the same time, Domino’s challenged the Italian market more than three years ago by opening 22 stores in 6 cities (with 400 employees) until January. The goal Domino’s Pizza Italia has set for 2019 is to grow more than 50%: this spring 4 new pizzerias are opening in Turin, Milan and Bologna, while a recruitment campaign involving 300 people and spanning until June are aiming to strengthen the current teams and develop new ones for Domino’s first openings in Genova and Brescia. And there will be more news this summer.

To press this expansion forward and improve the efficiency and savings in Domino’s Pizza Italy most relevant line of investment – the opening of new points of sale – the management choose to innovate the processes to identify potential suppliers, select the most qualified and competitive ones and to negotiate the best terms, in collaboration with VORTAL.

Domino’s Italy has a very significant opening planning and it is vital to assure a faster, optimized and efficient process. The construction department must guarantee that new points of sale will open and well maintained, cooperating with different types of suppliers: project engineers, construction works, general contractors, furniture suppliers, maintenance providers, etc.

The most important reason why Domino’s Italy is using VORTAL eSourcing Suite is to manage the Discovery of Supliers and the negotiation process: reducing time to market, optimising resources, having a more transparent negotiation and finding more opportunities in the collaborative sourcing methodology.

The VORTAL eSourcing Suite is used for different needs:

Build a bespoke methodology and library of templates for the purchasing process without the need to start from scratch every time;
Centralize the procurement information: anyone authorized that needs information about suppliers or about the project can access the portal and find the required information;
To find, nurture and qualify new suppliers, which are always important to deliver innovation to the company and ability to integrate competitive solutions;
Keep track of the performance of the suppliers during the expediting of the contracts;
Manage the contract information and KPIs, including all the documents deemed necessary for the cooperation with the supplier during the construction process;
Calculate savings and monitor KPIS of the process.

The solution proposed by VORTAL is a combination of technology and support

Fabrizio Frombola, Head of the Construction department of ePizza S.p.A – Domino’s Pizza Italia: “We have covered our sourcing process with the sourcing modules of VORTAL that allow us to receive information and offers, organize eAuctions and award the projects easily, faster and in a more efficient way. As far as support is concerned, we receive the support of VORTAL in the onboarding of suppliers. That is very important for succeeding in receiving offers on time and asking the right suppliers. We also receive a good support in the preparation of the online tender and the alignment of the offers: we upload the bills of quantities to the VORTAL eSourcing Suite which allows us to receive immediate, faster and more accurate comparative maps of the offers.”

Roberto Adami, VP Corporate Sales Europe of VORTAL comments: “Our support is focused on three different main areas: 1) technology. Our eSourcing Suite is the most usable and easy to use platform in the competitive scenario – that’s why we are succeeding so fast in the European market. 2) we can guarantee support with our help desk that is so important to ensure the correct on boarding of the suppliers, the right use of the platform in the quotation phase and the support for the training on the eAuction 3) our consultants are familiar with procurement processes and have vertical experience, so we can guarantee the right resource with the right skills in every industry/client.”

Alessandro Lazzaroni, CEO of ePizza S.p.A – Domino’s Pizza Italia comments: “The competition among suppliers brings important results in terms of saving: 25% compared to the budget and an important saving in terms of process. Less than 10 days for managing the negotiation. These are important results given our constant search of efficiency and innovation. Our technical department is always looking for ways to innovate their processes and the support of VORTAL was a facilitator in accelerating the opening process of new points of sale.”