Within the scope of VORTAL’s 20th anniversary, we have launched a cycle of events dedicated to the future of eProcurement, in a world increasingly globalized by digitalization and technology.

“The Future of eProcurement is now” will be under discussion in 4 sessions, in a Webinar format, on February 16 and 18, in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian, with international experts and professionals from the sector in each country. Throughout the month of March, we will present more technical sessions, for both public and corporate sectors.
The first session in English will take place on 16 February at 11h00 (CET).

Adriano Garibotto, Creactives SpA
Iain Campbell McKenna, Sourcing Solved
Karsten Machholz, University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg Schweinfurt
Miguel Sobral, VORTAL (moderator)

The session is free, subject to prior registration at: