The goal of Connecting Business,the moto of VORTAL services and solutions, is achieved by a transition to a full e-procurement system that significantly reduce administrative burden and simplify access to cross-border tendering from all our Clients in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, etc.

This can be achieved by the use of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), which is a self-declaration form used in public procurement procedures by public buyers and businesses in the EU, to avoid the need to submit various documents to prove that they fulfil the exclusion and selection criteria of a tender, and that is also integrated with eCertis (the mapping tool used to identify and compare certificates requested in public procurement procedures across the EU).

From October 2018, all our Clients should use only the electronic form of the ESPD (eESPD) and although the obligation to use ESPD remains in force, the European Commission’s ESPD service will be phased out in 6 months, in April 2019, as it was designed to support and increase the usage of this tool during this initial phase. By that time there will be only 4 possible ways for Contracting Authorities or Economic Operators to fulfill this legal requirement: ESPD services in EU countries, ESPD data model (integration into national e-procurement solutions), open source version of the first option and the Virtual Company Dossier (VCD) which will allow companies to have a “business passport” anywhere in the EU on a repository that is available with one-click away.

VORTAL is an innovative company and is part of the project “ESPDint – Interoperable ESPD and VCD services inside and between European Countries”, financed by the European Commission to develop the native integration of the ESPD form with VORTAL’s platform. With the eESPD and VCD implementation pilot, VORTAL will make available to all users these instruments integrated in the platform so that it becomes a step in the process of taking advantage of all previous documents and information inserted. Once the Economic Operator (supplier) answers the ESPD questions, it can be reused seamlessly.

With VORTAL and the eESPD/VCD, the future is simpler, faster and brighter.