Why implementing Public e-Tendering is what your city/region really needs?.

Below, we summed up the main strategic, operational and functional, objectives that you might quickly achieve after start using an e-tendering platform. These reasons have been design having a cloud service in mind.

Operational Perspective:

01) To increase competitive tendering by boosting the number of suppliers who can bid, thanks to greater publicity about the procedures.
02) To save costs, both for the provider when electronically submitting their bids and for the City Council with price reductions thanks to there being more competition.
03) To improve transparency: guarantees calls for tenders to suppliers incorporated in the procurement platform.
04) Equal treatment: of providers to ensure equal access to tendering.
05) Trust, availability and security: electronic signature application, helpdesk, resolution of queries and incidents, and guaranteed operation with an availability of over 95%. Date and time with electronic time stamp.
06) Incorporates e-government instruments.
07) Furthers the consolidation of electronic services in the cloud, the reuse of solutions and the degree of interoperability.


For the Public Entity

08) Transparency of its tendering procedures and electronic record of operations carried out, thus favoring their subsequent audit.
09) Reduction of award costs: by increasing competition from suppliers and incorporating innovative procedures covered by the contract law, such as electronic bids.
10) Using IT infrastructure: tested by other administrations, with reduced costs and permanent updates.
11) Reduction of administrative and bureaucratic costs.

For Suppliers

12) Free reception of contract information that the administrations publish on the platform for subsequent analysis and presentation of bids.
13) Online or telephone assistance for the presentation of bids, thus avoiding administrative costs and travel.
14) Better opportunities to participate in tenders of the public entity and other public and private entities that already use the platform to manage their procurement.

Do you think it’s a good alternative for your public entity? Do you want to see live one of this platform working. Don’t hesitate to contact us.