Interoperable Timestamps

Reliability and digital security for any Public Procurement platform.

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Reliability and Security.

If you are an economic operator and work with public entities, you must ensure that you have Timestamps before starting the proposal submission process.

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Timestamps Disclaimers

01. VORTAL has established a commercial agreement with DigitalSign (certifying entity accredited in Portugal for the issue of time stamps), which allows economic operators to benefit from favorable conditions in the chronological validation service. Under this agreement, the acquired time stamps are prepared to be accepted on any electronic public procurement platform, certified at national level.

02. The prices in force include the issuance of time stamps by DigitalSign for Electronic Public Procurement and ensure full compliance with the legal requirements in force. VORTAL understands that the services for affixing interoperable timestamps fall under the type of mandatory transactions by electronic platforms, without the need for additional costs. Any other costs that may be charged, either to economic operators or to certifying entities, are not the responsibility of VORTAL.

03. DigitalSign is responsible for the infrastructure associated with the chronological validation service, as well as the responsibility for complying with the mandatory service levels in the context of Portuguese legislation. VORTAL has no responsibility for the execution of the service or for the losses caused by failures that may occur in the provision of the same.

VORTAL Timestamps 01
What are timestamps?

Timestamps certify the legal time when documents are inserted in a public procurement platform. They are imperative in submitting proposals to a public procedure in Portugal.

The main actions that require Timestamps are:
Submit an application, solution or proposal;
Document signing;
Exchange messages with buyers.

VORTAL Timestamps 02
Why Timestamps?

Timestamps are the technology with legal support, with recognition and legal value across the European Union, to unsure the authenticity, integrity and legal time of the submitted documents and electronic registers.

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