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Access to our support service (707 202 712), email (info@vortal.biz), VORTALassistant (online reporting form) or Smarty (Online User Manuals) for technical issues related to registration or use from the platform, on all working days, between 9 am and 7 pm.

All features for basic services provided to economic operators of Law 96/2015 (from a) to j))

a) Access to procedures and parts of the procedure that have been published;
b) Sending messages through the electronic platform;
c) The sending of e-mail messages to all stakeholders in the stage of the public procurement procedure in progress, whenever, under the terms of the CCP, such communication is mandatory;
d) Requests for clarification and a list of errors and omissions;
e) Submission of applications, proposals and solutions;
f) Pronouncements at a prior hearing
g) Complaints and challenges;
h) The award decision;
i) Delivery of qualification documents;
j) Viewing all messages and notices created by contracting entities to which, under the terms of the law, you must have access.

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