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Promote your business to those who matter the most.

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Make Your Brand Shine.

Stand out from competitors and show confidence to your clients with an appealing image and with a personalized company presentation document. It is the first step to increase your visibility in the market.

Aiming for More Visibility Among Buyers.

Discover the benefits of the Promotion & Visibility service.

Stand out from competition

In invitations to the category, your company appears prominently compared to others in the directory.


Includes a presentation document with essential information about your company, designed by professionals, to share with your customers.


Your company becomes more recognizable and familiar to buyers of interest.


We promote your brand in communications to the VORTAL contracting entities community.

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Your complete company profile

The VORTAL company directory is viewed by thousands of potential customers. Your profile can include your logo, products and services catalogue, previous work, certifications and recommendations, among others.

VORTAL Promotion 02
Highlight your complete profile to buyers

Whenever there is an Invitation to the Category in your area of expertise, as well as in the company directory, your company is automatically highlighted.

VORTAL Promotion 03
A good-looking presentation of your company

A document designed by VORTAL based on the information you want to include, such as: Mission / Vision / Values / Products or Services / Certifications / Main Customers / Company Description.

VORTAL Promotion 04
Stand-out in all possible forms

Besides the complete profile and company presentation document, with Promotion & Visibility service your company is also highlighted in communications made by VORTAL to the entire community of suppliers and buyers.

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