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The Qualified Cloud Certificate identifies the certificate representative by SMS and discards additional software or hardware for signing documents.

Aiming For the Fastest Way to Sign.

What are the benefits of VORTAL’s Qualified Certificate Cloud?


No need for physical devices, software updates or specific browser versions.


It allows you to sign multiple documents at once and with a 3 step process.

Ease of access

Use the code received by SMS and sign all the necessary documents.


Secure signatures, anytime, anywhere. The subscription process is never again subject to space-time limitations.

Exchange campaign

There are special exchange conditions to change the certificate’s user before its expiring date, if it is necessary.

On any platform

Use this technology to sing on any platform, using software adaptable for the ones which do not use cloud technology.

VORTAL Qualified Cloud Certificate 01
A very practical qualified digital certificate

Qualified digital certificates identify the company’s representative by using authentication systems. The Qualified Certificate Cloud is a very practical type of Qualified Digital Certificate. It works remotely, without the need for specific hardware or software, and identifies the representative by sending a code via SMS.

VORTAL Qualified Cloud Certificate 02
Simple signing in just a few steps

Whenever you need to sign documents or messages, simply click on the sign option and an SMS will be sent to you. With this code, you can sign multiple documents at once.

VORTAL Qualified Cloud Certificate 03
Valid for any platform

Our Qualified Cloud Certificate works in all eProcurement platforms, through a software that is made available after purchase, free of charge.

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